4-29-15 Honjo Sumida-ku,

     Company Name
     Tokyo Marui Art Co.,Ltd
     Takaaki Yoshikawa
     4-29-15 Honjo, Sumida-ku,
     Tokyo 130-0004
     Tel: 81-3-3624-2631
 Fax: 81-3-3625-3797
     Artwork Warehouse
     Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
     April 1977
     30 million yen
     Business Activities
     - Collection, display, removal, storage and return of art pieces for exhibitions
     at art museums, natural museums and department stores
     - Display and removal of art planning exhibits and permanent exhibits at
     companies and estates
     - Order-made packing and shipping of national treasures, important cultural
     assets and various art pieces
     - Display, removal and shipping for public organizations  
     - Activities related to shipping art pieces overseas
      (shipping, packing, coordination with local customs agents)
     - Activities related to bringing to Japan art pieces from overseas
     (shipping, packing, customs, etc.)
     - Non-life insurance business activities related to art work
     - Art photo studio services   
     - Art college art management study
     Principle Business Entities
     - National public art museums, natural museums, government andmunicipal offices
     - Various newspapers, various department stores, various art clubs
     - Various art museums, public organizations, etc.
     Staff Profile
     - All employees – some with over 30 years with the company – are experienced
     art handlers,having worked with art museums, natural museums and enthusiastic
     about their work.
     - New employees are trained in art handling on a regular basis.
     - All vehicles are air suspension transport type, with interior air-conditioning,
     double locks, designed for shipping art work and damage protection. Driver’s
     cabins come equipped with rear seats for passengers like event organizers
     and art specialists.
     - All vehicles are equipped with drive recorders and are fully supported
     to ensure safe driving.
Vehicles designed for art work transport
Automatic step
Drive recorder
     Art Work Warehouse
     Located in Tokyo’s Sumida and Katsushika wards, 24-hour temperature-controlled
     with 24-hour security, designed specially for storing art work.
Sumida Art Work Warehouse
Katsushika Art Work Warehouse


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